Tuning aka Gear Ratio Adjustment is a powerful tool used to tailor a car’s performance to a specific task, such as running a 1/4 mile in a given upgrade configuration. Professional racers and car builders use it, and Nitro Nation models it accurately. A skillfully tuned car can defeat a much more powerful vehicle running stock gears. More importantly, your gear ratios are hidden from your opponents, making your setup a silent weapon that can win races against all the odds.
Tuning is a complex task that requires an understanding of the car’s mechanics. Fortunately, any change you make in Nitro Nation can be tested right away and has no cost. Experimenting with different setups is a fun way to learn more about how cars work while also improving your results.

If you need a piece of advice on tuning or would like to share your tips & tricks - our community is the right place to join: