You can choose and adjust the controls for Drift as you see fit.  

There are 3 types of acceleration controls:
  • Pedal - you tap, hold the pedal icon to accelerate.
  • Slider - you choose the desired amount of acceleration.
  • Auto-acceleration - non-stop acceleration that lets you focus on steering.

There are also 4 types of steering methods:
  • Wheel - you spin it like a real-life steering wheel to control the car.
  • Arrows - you need to tap or hold to choose a direction for the car.
  • Slider - adjust and have more control over the direction for your turns.
  • Gyroscope - control your steering by turning your phone from side to side.

And are 2 driving modes for Drift: realistic and casual. To choose your preferred driving mode, go to Settings - Control settings - enable or disable Auto Steering for better directional stability. You can also choose the Traction control level. Lower settings allow more aggressive drifting, and the minimum setting will disable the Traction control completely.
It is possible to mix and match different control schemes in the Control Constructor, to change the position of the controls however you like (e.g., a slider for speed and gyroscope for steering). Keep in mind that any control method you pick will be tied to the device, so if you’re playing on multiple devices, you’ll need to set the controls separately on each device.
You can also expand every control icon’s zone to make it bigger or smaller in the Control Constructor. Just hold and drag the green corner of the chosen icon.