Here's how we roll out updates for Nitro Nation. First we update the game in stores like Google Play and iOS App Store. Usually within a few releases later, we also roll out the same version of the game to Huawei App Gallery, Windows Store, Amazon and Samsung Galaxy Store.

Generally, different versions of the game are compatible with each other. However, if the update includes some new content, such as a new car, which is simply not included in the previous version of the game, either that feature will not be available in any form on the previous version of the game, or the previous version will no longer be playable until the update arrives.

If you're only playing on one device (for example, one version on Windows or Amazon) you shouldn't have any problems, but if you're playing different versions of NN on different devices (for example, Amazon and Google Play or Windows and iOS), the lower (less updated) version may be blocked from logging in.