Race Pass is an in-game event, it becomes available after reaching the 2nd stage of theย Career mode.

Race Pass consists of tasks. You receive XP points for completing tasks. When you save up 10 XP points - Race Pass level goes up. For each Race Pass level, you receive a reward.

There are two types of tasks - Daily tasks that appear every day and ordinary, more difficult tasks, that appear only once, and you have the whole season to complete them.

Daily tasks are displayed on the left of the tasks screen and all other more difficult ones on the right side.

There are two tiers of rewards - Street Pass, which are available for all players and Race Pass ones, which you get access to only when you purchase Race Pass. Rewards can contain cash, gold, upgrade kits, jokers, upgrade and redraw cards for the Mechanic and boosters for Underground Tournament. The final reward is a car that will be useful in the next cycle of Drag & Drift Seasons mode.

Race Pass is held seasonally. Each season takes four weeks. There's usually no break between seasons. Each season is limited in time, so if you do not have enough time to level up Race Pass to receive the rewards you want, you can either purchase additional levels separately for gold or purchase a pack of Race Pass access together with levels.

All Race Pass rewards can be claimed any time while the season is active. So, if theoretically you complete all Race Pass levels within the last few days of the season, you get all the rewards for these levels with no exception. The same can be achieved by directly purchasing levels one by one.