Crates are a type of in-game box containing other in-game items, each with a different drop rate. You can either win them from in-game events, claim one for free from the in-game store every 36 hours, or buy them for gold.

Since update 7.7.0, we have introduced a new type of crate in Nitro Nation, with improved mechanics and rewards.

  • They can contain rewards of many types: cash, jokers, suspension parts, upgrade kits, redraw/upgrade cards, customization coupons, boosters for the Underground Tournament and obviously blueprints and cars.

  • After opening a certain number of crates, you're guaranteed to get a car or a specific in-game item. For example: after 80 crates - S racing class car, after 160 crates - S1 racing class car. After opening 10 crates, you are guaranteed to receive a black joker.

  • If you get a duplicate of a car you already own from the crate, it will turn into a random black blueprint with 0 durability (for your current chosen car).ย 

  • Item drop rates can be viewed in the Store - "Crates" - "See what's inside". These drop rates may change with updates, so be sure to check them before purchasing a crate.

  • Car-specific items (such as blueprints) will be tied to your current in-game car at the moment the crate is opened, meaning you canโ€™t use them on other cars. So if you buy 10 crates at once, all the blueprints dropped will be for the same car.