Nitro Nation matchmaking system is carefully analysed and tested.
Our algorithm doesn’t match opponents based on their car class or horsepower; instead, it calculates a suitable match by comparing players’ best time results with a particular car on a certain distance.
It’s tough to match players perfectly with close time as possible, but our algorithms have created the way to include as much data as possible to find the best match for you. There would be no benefit for us to create matchmaking where one pool of players would always be at a disadvantage while others will always have an advantage. We’re always tweaking and searching for ways to improve matchmaking after analysing tons of data we have from all the races.
The algorithm always chooses the closest opponent to you that is available right now. So the pool is from players who are also searching for a race. You can always select another car or play in other modes if you feel like the pool of players is currently not suitable for your current vehicle.