You need to drift for as long as possible, as expertly as possible, to get the maximum amount of points. Mistakes and crashing into objects on the map will result in you losing all the points earned for that unfinished drift. Once the drift motion is complete, and you’re driving straight or have stopped, all the points you’ve earned will go into your total score for that race.
To get bonus points, collect the golden point pickups and blue multiplier pickups scattered throughout the track. Important! These pickups add points to your current drift maneuver and will only be added to your total score when you've finished it. There are also various objects such as ramps that will give you bonus points or multipliers if you drift on them.
Overall, there are many different ways to earn points in Drift, and the more you practice and learn the ins and outs of the map, car, and drifting itself, the sooner you will become the top drifter in Nitro Nation. Good luck!