They may look similar, but Suspension blueprints work differently than other blueprints. 
You can place 4 blueprints in the Suspension, and each blueprint type will unlock a different slider for tuning your Suspension. There is no direct stats increase, and there are only 3 colors of blueprints - yellow, blue, and black. Installing Suspension blueprints doesn't require any kits, so you can install them and start the tuning process as soon as you get them!
Blue is the most basic blueprint and will only unlock a small range of slider adjustments, yellow will give you more freedom, and black blueprints will allow you to adjust the sliders freely. The blueprints are still car-based, so you won’t be able to swap them from car to car.
You also can’t remove these blueprints, only replace them with higher-grade ones (blue to yellow and then to black). However, since you don’t need to redraw or upgrade Suspension blueprints, you can focus on drifting instead of upgrading.
You need to be careful and hold your car steady even if you have all black blueprints installed. Nothing will prevent you from losing points if you crash into something on the map!